Maltese puppies


These are my new babies. The boy is on the left and the girl is on the right. They are 4 weeks old and will be ready for their new homes in 8 weeks. They are so cute!!

Maltese puppies


treat warnings for all Maltese owners

This came through in one of the lists that I belong to.  I did check the AVMA site and it did have a report on it back in 07.  I also checked the FDA site and it also had a report on it. Commercial treats and products can sometimes be harmful so we recommend that Maltese owners use natural treats or make their own treats for their Maltese puppies. For ideas and recipes visit my site under the Natural Canine there is a section on Home made treats.

Here is the article:

Jerky Treats Causing Fanconi Syndrome in Dogs


The American Veterinary Medical Association recently has posted a Media
Alert warning veterinarians that multiple brands of jerky treats
manufactured in China have been making dogs sick.

No cats have been reported to be affected. A contaminant has yet to be
identified. At this time there is no list of specific brands affected
and there is no recall in effect, so these products are still being sold
to consumers.

Presenting Signs and Laboratory Findings

The dogs appear to be developing an acquired Fanconi’s syndrome which
appears to be transient. Small dogs with a history of ingesting jerky
treats (mostly chicken jerky) are typically affected. Clinical signs
include vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy.

Physical examination findings have been unremarkable. In addition to
mildly elevated liver enzymes, the most common blood abnormalities
include severe decrease in Potassium, called hypokalemia, along with
acidosis and glucose (sugar) in the urine and granular casts on
urinalysis. Elevated kidney enzymes; Blood Urea Nitrogen and Creatinine
may or may not be consistently found.

Testing Recommendations

For dogs with apparent Fanconi’s syndrome, we recommend a CBC, chemistry
panel including electrolytes, urinalysis and urine culture. Blood gas
analysis, if available, is ideal. Additional testing for other causes of
acute kidney damage including Leptospirosis blood testing is also
recommended. Kidney x-rays, and Fanconi screens on urine may be
warranted in some cases.

This veterinarian is seeing dogs with apparent acute liver failure problems
associated with canine treats made by Delmonte.

For more information, veterinarian, Dr. Carol Osborne can be reached toll free
at 1-866-372-2765


Maltese puppy Page Update

I thought I would check in with everyone and give you guys an update on how Ms. Page is doing. During the last week, while she has been back home, we have been working on getting her back in tip top shape. We are giving her her NuVet vitamins daily, great food and lots of love.  She is a healthy little dog and very strong and we are happy to report that she is doing great, as you will see from the little video, and she is back to her normal goofy self. We are so blessed to have such a happy little girl in our lives and I am thrilled that she is doing great and very happy to have her back home with me. Thanks again to all for all the well wishes, prayers and support. You can see how they helped to get her back into her old fun loving self. Enjoy!

Page saying hello to everyone


Maltese mom and her Maltese girl

I will start by saying that I wanted to share this moment with all of you so I took these to walk you through my day. Having said that let me say that I never thought this day would come. When I left OH last week I was so sad because part of me was fearful that I wouldn’t see my little girl ever again but the other part of me never gave up hope that we would see each other soon.  I got a call last night letting me know that Page was ready to come home. I have not been so happy in days. I was like a little kid, I just couldn’t wait to leave to go get her.  I got up really early this morning and was there to pick her up first thing in the morning.
maltese champion
Page with 1 of the vet techs, she brought her out to me

 My dad and I drove up and we got there early in the morning. I got everything taken cared of  at the front desk and was taken to an examining room where I waited for the vet tech to bring her out. I felt like I couldn’t stand still and it seemed like it took forever to bring her out and then…there she was. Her big eyes just lit up when she saw me and she started wagging her tail and wiggling around to come to me.



Maltese breeder
We are finally together again


 I was so happy to see her.  It was at that moment I said out loud to her the one thing I was fearing the most for the last few days “Page, I thought I was never going to see you again” She was so happy to see me too, she was just dancing around on the table. She looked so good I couldn’t believe that was the same dog I had left there a week before. . I was so thrilled to see her being her old goofy self. I kept holding  her and squeezing her and giving her kisses and she was just so happy to see me she couldn’t stop  licking my face and wagging her tail.

maltese puppies

Page with the Doctor

Shortly after, the Doctor came out and talked to me and basically told me she was as good as new and didn’t expect any further problems but to keep an eye on her. They were able to eliminate the infection 100% and she was as healthy as she was before. He also commented on what a strong and healthy little girl she was and said that the fact she was such a strong and healthy dog to begin with allowed her to fight the infection. He  was amazed at the strong spirit she has. Once again I am so proud of her.   She was sent home with a clean bill of health. Yeah! I am very thankful for all the great care they provided her and for all the love they gave her on my behalf while there. They did a great job and took great care of her!

Maltese champion

Page with her new sweater

 I thanked everyone for their help and great job and thanked the vet for taking the time to talk to me, for keeping me informed, and for doing all he could to get her well. We said goodbye to everyone and  before we left I had gotten her a brand new sweater for the trip home, so I put it on and we were, finally, on our way home


MAltese puppies

Page on my lap on the ride home

My dad offered to drive home so  I could hold her  and keep her on my lap.  She seemed so relieved and content to be back with me that she relaxed and slept the whole way home. We made it home and she was running around checking the place out and was very happy going from room to room looking around. She is now comfortably sleeping on my lap as I type this and I am sure will be back to her crazy self in no time. I can tell she is so happy to be home and is being welcomed by all her other friends

Maltese puppy

Page on the way home

I am SO SO thankful to everyone for their support, love, care and prayers. To all those who called me, emailed me, and texted me  to check on her, to tell me it was going to be ok, and to share your own stories,  I just want to say THANK YOU!  This was a hard time for me because never in 14 years I have had dog sick and I was truly lost. I do believe your prayers helped her and your love and your support helped not only her but me too. As I said before I have never felt so loved and cared for. You are a wonderful group of people and please know that I will always be thankful for the kindness and generosity you have showed me these last few days. This is a very happy day for me, the day that my girl is back home with me, and I do have all of you to thank for that. I will certainly keep you posted on her progress and look forward to sharing more good times with you soon. Lots of Love ~ Josy



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the love for my Maltese -more waiting

I can’t believe it has been over  a week now since this whole saga started. These last few days have been the longest 7 days of my life and the most frustrating. Being so far away has been torture and not being able to spend as much time with her has been killing me. All my babies are a huge part of my life and this is  the first time  one of them is gone because they are sick. I am  SO SO thankful that my pups are big, strong, healthy dogs so that they can fight and survive  something like this.

I hope tomorrow I get great news and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. I can’t wait to have my baby back home and I am eager to see her sweet little face again. This has been hard for me since I have never in 14 years had a sick dog and it is hard for me to have them so far away and not be involved in their recovery. She is in the best place where she could be and receiving great care and that has made the distance issue more bearable. I have called them so many times they already know who I am. :)   I am sure they won’t miss me :)  but I can tell she has already won them over. She is such a sweet girl and I can’t wait to see her again.

I want to take this oppportonity to thank all of you, my friends, for all the prayers, love, phone calls, emails, and continuous support.  Your support through this has made it a little easier for me to deal with this. I can’t thank you enough and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful and caring people in my life, who despite the fact that we were in the middle of the Holiday season, took the time to stay in touch with me and give me love and support. I really really appreciate it and I know that your prayers helped her too.  Thank you! ~ Josy

On a last note.. Pyometra (pyo) is not a genetic, hereditary or congenital condition. It is an infection that can happen to any female who is not spayed, so please here is another good reason to spay your girls. Here is a little info on Pyo: “Pyometra is an infection of the uterus in dogs and cats causing a variety of clinical and pathological signs related to genital and systemic disease.   Although the disease has been recognized for decades, the true pathogenesis has still not been completely understood.  It is generally recognized that progesterone and estrogen and their receptors have a role in the development of pyometra; however, the infection is triggered by bacterial involvement.  The cyclical hormonal influences of the female dog allow the uterus to go through changes that will be acceptable for fertilization of an embryo.  The changes that the uterus undergoes are typical for each dog.  If bacteria are introduced into the uterus at a certain time during the cycle, hormonal regulation of the uterus allows the infection to start and become fulminate.”


the prayers continue day 4

I  have spoken to the Dr today and just when things started to look a little better there is a set back. There has been a minor complication with one of the numbers and they are not too happy about that. Instead of going down they are going up and that is not good and we don’t know why. So the vet tells me they are going to keep her until Monday because they can’t release her until the numbers go down and they won’t be running the tests again until then.  My heart just broke! I was hoping to have her back before the beginning of the New Year and now I won’t be able to see my baby for another 3 days. This sucks! I miss her so much. and I really want her back home. I am so bummed right now :(

Sadly if the numbers don’t come down she might be facing surgery and I would really like to avoid that because I would really hate to put her body under any more stress.  I am praying and hoping now that her body is able to get itself back to normal and is able to bring those numbers down on its own or with the help of those drugs they are giving her. I am really worried about what the future might hold. I was just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel when BAMM! something comes up. Oh please let her be ok, please, please, please! It is going to be a looooong weekend and I just can’t wait for Monday to come along. So sad right now

I want to thank everyone for the support and prayers everyone has shared with me, it is truly what has kept me going. This has been a very trying time for me and everyone’s prayers and well wishes truly has made a big difference so thank you to you all and may God bless you for all your kindness, love, support and prayers ~ Josy


the love for my maltese day 3

I called to check on her and was told she is stable. So she has gone from really really bad, to bad. Her blood panel has shown some improvement but there are some areas of concern all in line and expected considering her condition. Here are a few things that I have thought about while going through this. The most important thing that keeps coming to my mind  is how thankful I am that my dogs are strong and healthy dogs, otherwise she would have not being able to fight this hard. Also the fact that they are “big” dogs (5 to 6 lb dogs).   I do believe if she was a small tiny one she would have not survived this ordeal. She has a really strong fighting spirit and I hope her body keeps fighting. I hope to get good news soon…

This is really stressful because I am so far away and I can’t just stop in and see her. I have to rely on whatever they are telling me and that is really hard for me. I know they are taking good care of her but I am still “mom” and would love to be the one petting her and telling her she will be ok. Every time the phone rings my heart skips 3 beats. My cell  phone has become a permanent appendage of my body and I take it everywhere with me in case they call. The other day I almost went into the shower with it, not a good idea, but I am so used to having it in my hand that I forgot :’)

I keep praying that my little girl is able to make it and fight this thing and that in the end she will be back to 100%… I hope the next time I  go through this again is in 100 years!


loving your Maltese with all your heart

The next morning at 8 am the Dr. came in and they cleaned her up, and they did an ultrasound. He told me that the treatment was working and that the uterus had gone down about 1/3, that’s how much discharge she had through the night. All I can say about the discharge  is YUK!  He said that things were moving a little faster than he expected and things were going “according to plan”. Her blood work showed slight improvement but it was a matter of going from really really bad, to really bad. He assured me we were doing  all we could for her and we were following the right treatment for  her and her condition  and that if she was his dog he would be doing the same thing. That made me feel better.

The normal solution for pyo is surgery (spaying). So why not just operate and be over with it? A question I asked and the reply is, surgery is not an option for her at this time because  she is too unstable for surgery. So, before we can consider surgery we need to stabilize her  because the stress of surgery would kill her. So we had to take it 1 problem at a time and help her stabilize.The steps we are taking are the right steps for her and her condition. Once we get the infection out we would expect her body to be able to start healing itself. Once she stabilizes then we can go back  and re examine the situation but that is the future and all I can think about is right now.

By noon that day I had to leave to come back home and the thought of leaving her there was tearing me apart. I kept going back to see her and I just couldn’t bring myself to go so sadly, I couldn’t keep it together any longer and broke down. I knew, and know, in my heart she is at the best place she could be and receiving the best care she can be getting but it was still hard to not be there. The fear of not being able to see her again was just horrible and although you tell your mind not to go there, you find yourself going “there” again. The whole 3 hours back home were horrible. I felt so guilty for leaving her but at the same time, we didn’t know how long she was going to be there so I just couldn’t stay. She could be there 3 days, 5 days, 1 week, week and a half, no one knows. It would all depend on when she was ready and when she was back to 100% because as he said, ”I won’t release her until she is 100%” . The rational side of me knows that she is better there where she is getting 24 hour care and she is getting the help she needs but the sentimental side of me wants her home with me. So I have had to come to grips with my decision and wait patiently, thing I don’t do well, by the phone to get updates. I have my phone literally on me all the time and every time it rings by heart skips 3 beats. I keep telling myself no news is good news but it is still agonizing.


the love of a Maltese owner never ends…

So to pick up where I left off. We had to get her stable and that meant she needed a transfusion because her red blood cells were at a dangerous low. To give you an idea the  danger zone is 5 to 10 she was at a 7. Why did she become anemic? that’s an easy one to answer, this condition, which I had heard off but knew very little about, takes over the body and all your body is fighting it so it just depletes you of what you have. It is like having an alien growing inside of you and it  just takes over your body.

So we are waiting to see if we can find a donor because their blood bank was depleted due to a high number of transfusion that needed to be donedays before. They have donor dogs standing by and I was told these dogs are screened for everything and anything possible before they can be used. So here comes this beautiful, big, happy mastiff and I am told she is the donor. I played with her for a little while and thanked her for giving my girl some blood. I went to check on my girl one last time and I told her she was going to be ok, now she was going to have a big doggie inside of her, I gave her a kiss and I left so they could do their job. I was able to see her half way into the transfusion and she was looking better. They started the process about 1 pm and finished by 7 pm. It is a long slow process that has to be monitored and done properly so it doesn’t have any side effects. I saw how they were monitoring her and it was truly an amazing thing to see.  About 7 pm they were done with the transfusion and they cleaned her up and brought her to a room where her and I laid side by side on the floor all night long. She was at ease and was able to get some sleep.

Going back to that morning in an effort to start treating the Pyo (pyometra) they had given her a shot of  a drug that is only available is 2 places, there and in Oregon State U., this drug brings the progesterone levels down and allows the uterus to soften therefore allowing the “gunk” to come out. By the evening after the transfusion the shot they had given her earlier that morning was taking effect. The vet techs. came in and checked on her on an hourly basis and they brought a stack of pads to change her through the night because thankfully the shot was working and her body was eliminating a big amount of “gunk”. She was able to get lots of sleep and love, me well, I was glad to be there with her giving her love, kisses and petting her all night. To be continued…


the love of a Maltese breeder and Maltese owner

What can I say, as I sit here in my car in the parking lot of the animal hospital I wonder how much longer this ordeal is going to last. 

I packed my bags and at 3 am I was on the road to Cleveland to see if they could see me that morning.  I got to the office at 6:45 am. We sat in the parking lot and I kept telling her I was going to get her some help and to hang on a little longer. They let us in and within 10 minutes of being there BINGO we know what is wrong. She has a condition called Pyometra. It is an infection in the uterus which can be common in females who are not spayed. (So if you ever needed a good reason to spay your girls here is one). The reason it went undetected was because it didn’t fit the “normal” profile for it and it didn’t fit the time frame of when it happens and some of the other “normal” signs. There are 2 type open and closed. Closed is when the uterus closes and traps the infection inside and open, well it is when the uterus is open and can drain. This infection can be deadly if it is not treated. So now we know what we have, an open pyometra and we can go on with the treatment, but wait we can’t she is still weak and anemic because of it and we can’t do anything until we get her stable first… to be continued I have to go back to the office to check on her


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