We are dedicated Maltese Breeders of Quality AKC registered Maltese Puppies and Champion  Maltese Show Dogs  located in Western PA. We are great animal lovers and take pride in  breeding beautiful and sound Maltese Puppies and Maltese Show Dogs who adhere to the AKC Maltese Breed Standard. Our Maltese puppies are born and kept within a loving home environment, assuring  a healthy, happy and well-adjusted puppy whether they are destined for the show ring or for loving homes as great companions.   We hope that through this blog we are able to provide good information to all those who have Maltese dogs as well as general information for all dog owners. Please feel free to visit our site www.JosymirMaltese.com where you can find information about our  Available Maltese puppies  and see pictures of our Maltese Champion dogs. We also have available some accessories for your Maltese  puppy, such as grooming items, water bottles, pens, beds and many more. We hope you enjoy your visit at Josymir Maltese. Our site is updated often so make sure go back soon.  Please contact us at Josymir@aol.com and we will gladly give you more information concerning our Maltese or about us as Maltese Breeders