Rescue Maltese available and in need of a home

I feel that as a breeder I am responsible for the dogs who we bring into the world. Sadly not all breeders feel the same way and once in a while you have situations were beloved pets  need a home and the breeders will not take them back. Although I am not these girls’ breeder, I do feel that I need to help these poor puppies and aid them to find a home where they can be loved and live the rest of their lives.  

I know of 2 little Maltese who are in need of a home. For more information email me directly at Josymir@aol.com .

Maltese #1 – female, 6 to 7 years of age, house trained, cute, about 5.5 lb. I picked this little girl up from her owners who couldn’t keep her any longer due to financial hardship. She is trained to go outside and has lived all her life as a pampered pet.  She is very sweet and gets along well with other dogs and people. She has a great sweet loving personality and has a very nice demeanor. She needs a loving home where someone can take good care of her.

Maltese #2 – Maltese female, about 8-10 lbs and maybe 6 years old.   She’s NOT house trained. She’s NOT spayed.  She likes to get attention, but she needs someone who is used to working with dogs and can provide structure and training.  The guy who has rescued her from her breeder’s name is Jeffrey.  He lives in Magnolia, Arkansas.  His phone # is 870-562-2011. – and he is just trying to find someone who will love her forever.   Please contact him directly for information about her.