Recognizing Pain in your Maltese puppy

Here is a great checklist to know or learn how to recognize pain in your Maltese:


  •        Prefers lying to sitting or standing
  •        Sitting or resting in abnormal position


  •        Crying/Whining
  •        Unusually quiet


  •       Limping
  •        Stiffness, particularly after resting
  •    Trouble getting up from a lying or seated position
  •    Lagging behind or tiring easily during walks


  •      Panting excessively 


  •        Lost interest in doing things that are typical for your dog
  •        Reluctance to go for walks/climb stairs
  •        Restless
  •    Shivering/trembling


  •     Cries or tries to bite when handled
  •        Withdrawn
  •        Doesn’t respond in situations that he/she used to


  •        Change in normal eating pattern


  •    Looks unkempt
  •    Licking or chewing in one area

If you have placed a checkmark beside any of the above behaviors, your pet may be in pain. Early diagnosis and treatment contribute to your pet’s quality of life. Discuss these signs with your vet to determine the best course of action.