Maltese puppies

this is a 5 month old girl who is currently 2.8 lb current pics of my old puppies, boy on right girl on Left.


Poem – a breeder’s heart

A BREEDERS HEART     I love my little puppy; she makes my house a home.     She is my very sweetest little friend: I never feel alone. She makes me smile;she makes me laugh;she fill my heart with love’     Did some person breed her; or did she fall from above? I’ve never been a… Continue reading »


Recognizing Pain in your Maltese puppy

Here is a great checklist to know or learn how to recognize pain in your Maltese: ABNORMAL POSTURE        Prefers lying to sitting or standing        Sitting or resting in abnormal position  VOCALIZING        Crying/Whining        Unusually quiet  ABNORMAL GAIT       Limping        Stiffness, particularly after resting    Trouble getting up from a lying or… Continue reading »