Rabies vaccination

Every State has different recommendations and requierments for Rabies vaccines, please be aware of your state’s law so you can avoid problems. I have outlined some of the states most of my puppies go to so that you are aware of  what your particular state requires. PENNSYLVANIA — http://www.pacode.com/secure/data/007/chapter16/chap16toc.html Chapter 16 Rabies Prevention and Control… Continue reading »


Vaccination Article by Dr. Dodds

This is one of the handouts we were given at the seminar: The following article ran in the February 2010 issue of Clean Run magazine. ALL ABOUT VACCINE ISSUES & VACCINATIONS* W. Jean Dodds, DVM 1 and Ronald D. Schultz, PhD 2 There is little doubt that application of modern vaccine technology has permitted us… Continue reading »


Dr. Dodds – titers

Please remember that the information I am posting comes directly from  Dr. Dodd’s seminar and handouts, I am not adding my own opinion to these posts. Please also know that this is not meant to replace your own Vet’s advice. Every dog is different and has different needs and different issues. I just want to provide you with… Continue reading »


Dr. Dodd seminar – vaccines

I just came back from Dr. Dodd’s seminar and I have to say that I enjoyed it tremendously. I would like to share some of what I consider the most important information for you to know. I will start with the topic of vaccines. Some of you might be familiar with the information because it… Continue reading »


Recognizing Pain in your Maltese puppy

Here is a great checklist to know or learn how to recognize pain in your Maltese: ABNORMAL POSTURE        Prefers lying to sitting or standing        Sitting or resting in abnormal position  VOCALIZING        Crying/Whining        Unusually quiet  ABNORMAL GAIT       Limping        Stiffness, particularly after resting    Trouble getting up from a lying or… Continue reading »


Maltese puppies- get to know your Maltese well

During the ordeal with Page often times people would ask me “how did you know she was in trouble so early on?” To me that was an easy answer, she wasn’t her normal self. I spend a lot of time with my Maltese kids and I know them really well, their quirks, dispositions, habits, personalities, etc. which allows… Continue reading »